Josh Zagoren

Josh Zagoren (Artistic Director/Head Writer) - Josh Zagoren hails from Clive, Iowa where he worked as a concessionist at the Cobblestone 9 Cinemas for four years. It is still the best job he has ever had. He graduated with a B.F.A from Emerson College (just like that guy you know from the coffeeshop with a lot of piercings, you know the one I mean, the one reading Kant) He wrote his first comedy for the Circle Theater in Boston and since then he's acted and written for companies in Boston, New York, LA but prefers to perch in Chicago where he co-founded Hobo Junction to bring comedy to you. Without his fellow company members, though, it would not exist and would not be awesome, so he would prefer to let them tell you about it. OK, one thing: There's a secret Junction treasure buried somewhere in the city, they say if the sun catches the eastern spear on the top of the tower, it lights the way... Josh also makes puppets, plays the concertina and loves pizza.

Breahan Eve Pautsch

Breahan Eve Pautsch (Managing Director, Actor, Director, Treasurer, Webmistress) is originally from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. She earned her BA in Theatre (Acting Specialist Program) and English at UW-Madison. Once she moved to Chicago, Breahan began acting for various theatre companies including Speaking Ring Theatre Company (RIP), Halcyon Theatre Company, Chicago ScriptWorks and The Side Project among others. In 2006, she became involved with Hobo Junction, and has worked as an actress on The Temp, The Regulars and Bad Guys in Suits. On film, Breahan has worked with Mudgeonsoul Cinema, Full Voice Productions and Butcher's Son Films, and appeared most recently in The Fox in the Snow. As a director, Breahan has worked with Stockyards Theatre Project's "Play for Keeps" new play festival for the past three years and directed for Full Voice Productions, working primarily on new plays and staged readings for script development. For Hobo Junction, Brea directed Talk Kiss Blackout in 2008 and Horrible in 2009. This is her first experience as a webmistress. Go easy on her.

Christopher Rex Jacobs

Christopher Rex Jacobs (Production Manager) hails from Applegate, which is in the Greater Thumb Region of the great state of Michigan (yes that's an actual geographic designation). After becoming disillusioned with life on the farm, he went to Eastern Michigan University, graduating with a degree in Theatre Arts. Upon graduation, like so many other Michiganders, he hightailed it to Chicago to start his career in the big city. Since coming to Chicago in 1992, he's worked with such notable companies as A Red Orchid, Appletree, Live Bait (RIP), and spent a year pretending to be Italian in Tony 'n Tina's wedding. Prior to Hobo Junction he was also an ensemble member of Corn Productions where he directed the Highly Recommended "SOFT CORN PORN", which is where he met Josh Zagoren, who wrote and acted in the show. Since the creation of Hobo Junction, Christopher has been involved on nearly every Hobo Junction production, either directing, acting, and more recently as the company's Marketing Manager. If you see our name in print or on-line...I did that. Other than that he lives a relatively domestic life with his husband Brian and the kids...Ethel the Basset Hound, Rick the Corgi, and Lucy the cat.
DAN KRALL - {Associate Marketing Director} Dan Krall is happy to call the Junction home. Hailing from the mean streets of Bartlett, IL, he holds a B.A  in theatre from Loyola University Chicago and is quite proud of it--considering his illiteracy. He has acted and directed for many Chicago companies, some of his favorites being Collaboraction, Adventure Stage Chicago, Point of Contention, 13Carat Productions, and the Side Project Theatre. He enjoys purchasing manly smelling soaps and deodorants and is powerless against commercial advertising. He can also slam dunk a tennis ball and control Africanized bees with his mind. For the Junction, Dan co-wrote and music and lyrics to The Regulars: the epic war rock musical about waiters, and was Simon in the original non-musical production, and was the original sex robot in Ozma and Harriet. YA'MAS!
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Friends and Collaborators:
ANDREW MARCHETTI (theatrical jack-of-all-trades) has a BFA in acting, and uses it on occasion to work with various companies all over town, like say...Hobo Junction, BoHo Theatre, The Plagiarists, Mary Archie, Rascal, Rogue, Tireswing, etc, etc. Hobo Junction has been his stomping ground for all sorts of artsy stuff on stage and off in Bad Guys in Suits; The Temp, Talk Kiss Blackout; and Horrible. Lest we forget that Josh and Andrew are also the co-creators of Crash Pad. It's on YouTube, look it up, it's gonna be big someday. For more information about Andrew, please consult his memoir: "If I Did It"...wait, that's not right at all, where the hell is his memoir?
Luke Harmon
Artist, Actor, ASU Alum, Arizona Native, Producer, Man's Man.

AMY HOPKINS - (Stage Manager/Tech Director/Set-Lighting Designer) Amy was raised in Joliet, IL and fulfilled her Hawkeye destiny by receiving a BA in Theatre and Elementary Education from the University of Iowa. After three years as a Stage Assistant at Hancher Auditorium, she packed up her bags and headed to Chicago, where she was scooped up by Hobo junction to Stage Manage "Horrible". After a Not-Horrible experience, she signed on to lend her hand to "The Regulars," where she will be serving not only as the SM but also as the Mistress of All Things Technical and Nerdy. When not corralling actors and Josh, she can be found corralling third graders or decorating cakes.
JANNA WEDDLE - (Costume Designer) received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design at Columbia College.  She currently works as an Assistant Designer at Chicago-based women's clothing design label Jermikko.  Janna was Costume Designer for the New World Repertory Theater's Phedra.  She has also assisted the Hobo Junction Theater Company in Costume Design previously on the production Horrible.